Family White Water Rafting Vacations

Family rafting trips may just be the best family adventure vacation –Ever! What other vacation can you think of where everyone in the family can be equally thrilled doing the same thing together? There is something about the pace, setting and even the rigors of a family rafting trip that does something magical to those who take up the challenge of this family adventure vacation. Even those who start out as strangers agree near the end that they are like family! The relaxed atmosphere on the river, contrasting with the teamwork demands of whitewater gives you a family rafting vacation full of unforgettable outdoor adventure. Family Single-day and Multi-daywhitewater river trips really do inspire families to discover more about one another and frequently create lifelong memories.

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Mild To Moderate Family Rafting Trip List

Typically speaking, mild and moderate rated rivers are perfect for the whole family. Rafting on these rivers, you can get a feel for the rafting experience while having a safe, fun trip. Here are two complete lists of destinations and trips whether you are looking for kid-friendly mild to moderate rivers, or a family adventure vacation that is a little more challenging for you and the teenagers.

Wet & Wild Rafting Trip List

Rafting America companies each have over 17 years of experience professionally guiding guests down rivers all over the world. Our members maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism in the industry and are dedicated to taking the absolute best care of our rafting families. All of our family rafting trips identify the minimum rafting age for children on our trips.

For older children and teenagers that want something a little more exciting, try one of the recommended wet & wild rafting trips listed here:

So What Makes The Difference In A “Family Friendly” Rafting Vacation?

Personal Guides

Widely recognized as industry leaders, our recommended professional whitewater rafting guides are rigorously trained in all aspects of river safety, logistics and emergency preparedness to ensure the well-being of your family. Our guides are also experienced working with kids who may be fearful of the water or perhaps…not fearful enough. They are skilled in knowing how to gently teach younger rafters how to be safe on the water while keeping them motivated and working together with their paddling teams and maximizing their “fun factor”.

Going the “Kid Friendly” Extra Mile

State-of-the-art equipment and special life jackets (personal flotation devices) made just for kids are standard for every trip. Rafting America companies also make an effort to provide all the amenities for the absolute best family rafting trip. From kid-friendly meals to river games (both on the river and off), from teaching your kids the basics of whitewater commands to sharing guide stories and whitewater lingo, we’ve got you and your family covered!