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Rogue River Rafting

Known for salmon runs and white water rafting, the Rogue River runs just over 200 miles from the volcanic northern rim of Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean. It was one of the original eight rivers named in the "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act" of 1968. Long has the Rogue attracted visitors from early Native Americans, to fur trappers, pioneers along the Oregon Trail, and fishermen - and white water rafters of course! One of the unique things "grandfathered" in to the landscape are a number of lodges along the river. These homesteads carved into the forest edge were impetus for one of the original boat-service U.S. Postal routes, as early as 1895. These lodges have been preserved and can be used as a unique lodge-to-lodge rafting trip for either 3 or 4 days as you traverse the river toward the ocean.

White water rapids on the Rogue River include Rainie Falls, Upper and Lower Black Bar Falls and Blossom Bar (Class IV). With beautiful rock formations and narrow canyons edged by towering cliffs, this river offers pristine scenery and superb wildlife viewing. Deer, black bear, river otters, mallard ducks, turtles, bald eagles, and osprey are often spotted during the 34 mile Rogue river rafting trip from Grave Creek to Foster Bar.

Deschutes River Rafting

The Deschutes River is a great Class III river for about ten miles of intermediate whitewater rafting between Harpham Flats to Sandy Beach. The Deschutes River runs just east of towering Mt. Hood and flows from Bend, Oregon to the Columbia River.

Rafting in Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon is a land of sagebrush deserts and high snow-capped peaks. It’s a place where few live; and cattle outnumber people. It’s also wild and has some of the most astounding wilderness in the American West. Rafting in eastern Oregon offers a wide variety of trips. The Snake River through Hell's Canyon is the most well-known in the area, and sporting the largest rapids in the northwest. Two lesser-known Oregon rivers are the Owyhee and Grande Ronde. Both offer superb wilderness rafting trips.

Rafting the Snake River Through Hell's Canyon

The Snake River forms the border between Oregon and Idaho as it carves its way through Hells Canyon, the deepest canyon in North America. Trips run from early spring to late fall and always have plenty of water. The scenery is spectacular with snow-capped peaks towering over 5000’ above the river. Wildlife viewing in the spring is rich and you are likely to see black bear, big horn sheep, river otter and mule deer along with soaring eagles and hawks. There are excellent trails along the river and Indian rock art hidden in the cliffs. Fishing is superb. Trips last from three to six days, depending on the time of year.

The Owyhee & Grande Ronde Rivers

Rarely visited, bridges the states of Nevada, Idaho and eastern Oregon and eventually joins the Snake River. It flows through dramatic desert canyons of towering cliffs. The Middle section offers challenging rapids from class III-V with a possible portage. The Lower Owyhee is an easy- to-intermediate rafting trip with class II to III rapids and bountiful wildlife viewing. Bird watching is particularly satisfying in the spring, from April to early June, the only time of year the Owyhee has enough water for floating. A Lower Owyhee rafting trip also boasts hot springs, old pioneer homesteads, Indian rock art and fantastic hiking. The entire Owyhee River, from its headwaters in Idaho to the confluence with the Snake River in Oregon, is a federally-designated Wild and Scenic River. If you’re looking for a remote river that few people raft, look no further.

Due north of the Owyhee, tucked away in the extreme northeast corner of Oregon, is the Grande Ronde river. A Grande Ronde rafting trip is the perfect introduction to river rafting and a great family rafting vacation or a superb trip for those who want to try inflatable kayaking for the first time. The Grande Ronde is a fast-flowing, gentle river that flows quickly, but gently and runs from late spring to mid-July. It winds its way through pine-forested mountains and rich green scenery. Recognizing the spectacular beauty and outstanding resource values of this river canyon, Congress has designated 44 miles of this river as “Wild and Scenic” ensuring that it will be protected for future generations.

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