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Gunnison River - 1 & 2 Day

The Gunnison River is isolated, beautiful and dotted with exciting, splashy rapids and gold-medal trout. Adjacent to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, this fabulous 14 mile stretch offers few people, amazing side-canyon hikes, and gorgeous canyon scenery. This is a true wilderness river enjoyed as a shorter full day or relaxing 2 Day trip.

  • Trip Length: 14 miles
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Season: July-August
  • Intensity Level: Class III-IV

Upper Colorado River - 1 & 2 Day

The family-friendly Upper Colorado River runs through the beautiful flowing scenery of northern Colorado. With a handful of small, bouncy rapids these trips are ideal for young kids and elderly folks. 2 Day trips enjoy the option to “duckie” in inflatable kayaks and stop off at natural riverside hot springs.

  • Trip Length: 10-28 miles
  • Minimum Age: 4
  • Season: May-August
  • Intensity Level: Class II

North Platte River - 1 & 2 Day

The North Platte is one of Colorado’s last remaining free-flowing rivers. It offers up a combination of exciting rapids and mild water as it twists through forests of towering pines and boulder-strewn canyons. Full day trips are short-and-sweet, while 2 Day trips take you into the heart of the wilderness with opportunities to see bald eagle, moose and beaver as you “duckie” in an inflatable kayak.

  • Trip Length: 10-30 miles
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Season: May-June
  • Intensity Level: Class III-IV

The Dolores River - 3 & 6 Day

Classic dessert scenery mixed with enormous Ponderosa pine trees creates a striking backdrop to the exceptional Dolores River. A true gem, this river includes fantastic whitewater as well as mild sections with towering red sandstone cliffs containing remnants of ancient dwellings. Choose between the faster-paced Ponderosa Gorge or the slower, twisting and stunning Slickrock Canyon. You can combine both into the ultimate 6 Day getaway!

  • Trip Length: 50-100 miles
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Season: May
  • Intensity Level: Varies

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