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Northwest Territory Rafting

The Northern Territories of Canada provide an experience you will never forget. These remote locations are the heart of Canadian backcountry and are home to some of the most magnificant and unique canyons, falls, wildlife and landscapes.

Visiting the Nahanni River is truly a trip of a lifetime. Located in Nahanni National Park, this river has numerous whitewater rapids, several hot springs and unlimited hiking opportunities. Other rivers in the region include the Mountain River, Thelon River, and Horton River, where again you are thrust into a truly different and exciting experience. Take these multi-day expeditions and experience all of the beauty and granduer of the Northwest Territory.

If its wildlife you seek, then the Nunavut Territory will give you what you want. Think wide, open, tundra. The most secluded region is home to caribou, muskox, grizzly and wolves, to name a few. Wild flowers abound under the midnight sun! The rafting trips in this area on rivers like the Coppermine and Burnside will bring you closer to nature and give you a real few of the Arctic tundra.


Burnside River Rafting – Caribou Migration, Wildflowers and Hiking

The Burnside is known as "the wildlife river" – you’re guaranteed a fascinating Arctic adventure on this remote wilderness gem.

  • Trip Length: 12 Days
  • Minimum Age: No minimum age
  • Season: June - July
  • Intensity Level: Beginner - Easy

Soper River – Baffin Island Wilderness and Culture

Combine the best of cultural exploration on Baffin Island with paddling on the Soper River in northeastern Canada!

  • Trip Length: 9 Days
  • Minimum Age: No minimum age
  • Season: July
  • Intensity Level: Beginner - Easy

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