Cascades to the Sierra Nevadas...
Plenty of white water Excitement all the way down!

Whitewater Rafting in the West Coast States

From the Kern River in southern California, to the treasure trove of white water river rafting in California near the heart of the Yosemite area, California is a popular white water rafting destination for good reason! Nevada? Nevada is not a west coast state, but most white water river rafting in Nevada will be found near Reno, on the leeward side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Then there's Oregon's legendary Rogue River... a verdant, wild and scenic waterway with a rich history of river running. Homesteads along the Rogue River are part of the lodge-to-lodge river journey for 3 or 4 days. Otters, black bears, and even an occasional seal wandering from the ocean mouth won't get the lodging luxuries the rafting-types will enjoy. White water rafting in Oregon's Rogue River is a great way to introduce yourself to multi-day rafting trips.

Washington State, with the wettest rainforest in the lower United States, and several Cascade peaks catching snow means plenty of rivers making plenty of white water rafting to enjoy. The rivers for white water rafting in Washington make a short run from mountain slope to ocean level, meaning shorter day long or half-day trips throughout the state.

The Rivers and Mountain Ranges of the West Coast States

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