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Find the Top Whitewater Adventures in North America

The Top White Water Rafting Destinations in North and South America

Find the best white water rafting destinations in the U.S. and beyond! You want to know you are in good hands with the best professional whitewater river rafting guides and outfitters. It is with that in mind that the various members of Rafting America have joined forces to make sure you get the absolutely best white water rafting experience possible. The destinations are set in astounding landscapes across North America, and even extending into Latin America just a bit. On this site you will find day and half day white water trips, overnight and multi-day whitewater rafting expeditions, and all the help you will need to choosing the best one for you. If you're planning a white water rafting vacation to look forward to, and you want those memories to last a lifetime, then you found the right website! Welcome aboard!

The Best White Water Rafting Destinations

From mild to wild white water rapids, to easy scenic floats, or rugged wilderness expeditions contrasted with lodging along the river each night, you'll probably find just what you are looking for. We've compiled a list of the top 25+ locations in which to find that perfect white water rafting vacation near you, or perhaps far, far away from it all!

White water destinations

Where to go rafting?

Husum Falls, Washington

River Classifications

Rafting the Southwest U.S.

Single-Day Trips

Rogue River in Oregon

Multi-Day Trips

Deciding the Best Trip

How to Decide the Best Trip for You

Costs and What to Expect

What is the Cost of White Water Rafting?

What is White Water Rafting?

What is White Water Rafting?

What to Wear for a White Water Trip

What to Wear for a White Water Trip

There's Nothing Quite Like a White Water Rafting Trip

There is nothing quite like white water river rafting - and you sense it as soon as the boat is adrift. The sensation of being on a river is far wilder than most get the chance to experience. It's an individual thrill, and a teamwork triumph that few other activities can provide today. You look at the water curving downstream, around the bend. You look at your paddling partner sitting across from you who is not sure what to think yet either.... a smile breaks across your face... this is going to be fun!

When new friends have been forged for life, new memories to last a lifetime, and brand new bragging rights claimed, it is difficult to go back to "comfort zones" for very long. Restlessness stirs when self-imposed limitations have eroded away and rivers course through in your veins. It's a liberating addiction. What's around the next bend for you? Find the best places to go white water rafting on the rivers of North and South America with the best collection of river rafting trips in the industry!

Join Rafting America in search of the best rivers, the best tours, trips and multi-day expeditions. Every page, every newsletter, every post is designed to help you prepare, explore, dream. We can't wait to see you on the river!

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Why Rafting America?

Rafting America began In early 2006 when half a dozen of the premier white water rafting industry leaders and adventure travel companies (pioneering commercial river rafting as early as the 1960’s), decided that lifting the industry works better when everyone paddles together. The common goal: getting more folks to discover and experience the joys and thrills of white water rafting. These industry-leading rafting tour operators have taken over 4.1 million rafters downriver since they began operating and have close to 400 years of combined experience professionally guiding white water rafters downriver. The outfitters listed with Rafting America are committed to maintaining the highest standards for both guest service and white water safety. Rafting America guides are professionally trained and are some of the most experienced white water guides in the US, Canada and South America. Rafting America companies currently provide trips on more than 50 domestic US rivers (covering 22 states), 6 territories in Canada, and international locations on the Rio Upano in Ecuador and the Futaleufu River in Chile. Our members have won awards from Forbes “Best of the Web for Adventure Travel” to National Parks Service Awards for Excellence in EcoTourism to “Best of State” for Travel/Tourism.

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