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White Water Rafting Oregon's Rogue River

Known for salmon runs and white water rafting, the Rogue River runs just over 200 miles from the volcanic northern rim of Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean. It was one of the original eight rivers named in the "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act" of 1968. Long has the Rogue attracted visitors from early Native Americans, to fur trappers, pioneers along the Oregon Trail, and fishermen - and white water rafters of course! One of the unique things "grandfathered" in to the landscape are a number of lodges along the river. These homesteads carved into the forest edge were impetus for one of the original boat-service U.S. Postal routes, as early as 1895. These lodges have been preserved and can be used as a unique lodge-to-lodge rafting trip for either 3 or 4 days as you traverse the river toward the ocean.

White water rapids on the Rogue River include Rainie Falls, Upper and Lower Black Bar Falls and Blossom Bar (Class IV). With beautiful rock formations and narrow canyons edged by towering cliffs, this river offers pristine scenery and superb wildlife viewing. Deer, black bear, river otters, mallard ducks, turtles, bald eagles, and osprey are often spotted during the 34 mile Rogue river rafting trip from Grave Creek to Foster Bar.

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