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Coppermine River Rafting or Canoeing: Tundra Whitewater, Canoeing & Hiking

lowing to the Arctic Ocean, the Coppermine is famous for Gyrfalcons, Peregrine Falcons, Rough-legged Hawks, and eagles. Experience the wildlife and beauty of the "Land of the Midnight Sun.”

  • Trip Length: 12 Days
  • Minimum Age:
  • Season: June - Aug
  • Intensity Level: Raft - Beginner, Canoe - Class III Whitewater

Wind River Canoeing Expedition – Friendly Whitewater and Mountain Hiking

An arctic mountain river renowned for its tremendous hiking and "friendly" whitewater – ideal for intermediate canoeists interested in exploring the beauty that surrounds the Wind.

  • Trip Length: 13 Days
  • Minimum Age:
  • Season: July - August
  • Intensity Level: Class II - Intermediate

Mountain River Canoeing: Whitewater Express

A Mountain River canoe descent is whitewater paradise among stunning mountain peaks – the perfect way to enjoy a challenging northern mountain river if you don’t have advanced whitewater skills.

  • Trip Length: 12 Days
  • Minimum Age:
  • Season: June - July
  • Intensity Level: Intermediate Whitewater

Horton River Canoeing: Flatwater Canoeing, Caribou, Muskox and Smoking Hills

Mainland Canada's most northerly river, the Horton is a gentle waterway that flows through the tundra as it winds northward to the Arctic coast.

  • Trip Length: 13 Days
  • Minimum Age:
  • Season: June - July
  • Intensity Level: Class II - Beginner

Thelon River Canoeing – Flat Water Canoe and Hiking

Only offered every other season, the Thelon River trip offers excellent opportunities for viewing caribou, the gorgeous fall colors of the tundra and maybe even the legendary northern lights.

  • Trip Length: 12 Days
  • Minimum Age:
  • Season: August
  • Intensity Level: Beginner - Flat Water

Nahanni River 21 Day Canoeing and Hiking

Explore Canada’s deepest river canyons and Virginia Falls, nearly twice the height of Niagara. Coursing through the Mackenzie Mountains, you can enjoy wildlife, wildflowers, hiking, fishing, and photography, in the land of the midnight sun!

  • Trip Length: 21 Days
  • Minimum Age:
  • Season: May - August
  • Intensity Level: Class III - Intermediate

Nahanni River 12 Day

Experience the legendary Nahanni River on an extended trip. Take the extra time to fully savour all of the Nahanni’s iconic features.

  • Trip Length: 11 Days
  • Minimum Age: No minimum age
  • Season: June - Sept
  • Intensity Level: Beginner - Easy

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