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Itty-Bitty Duffle Bag!

How to Pack for a Multi-Day White Water Rafting Expedition

How do you pack all the items you need for multiple days in the outdoors, on a white water rafting expedition into a small duffle bag? It's a trick, that one might think requires a Mary Poppins bag with a little magic mixed in. It does require magic, but that comes in the form of the lightweight and packable materials you have instant access to in these magical modern days. You can find out what to wear for white water rafting here.

Beyond what you will wear, or how you should dress for a white water rafting excursion, you need to know what to take in the form of gear and accessories.

Here you will find little tips and tricks (magical as they are) to make the most of your space, and bring only what is *needed. The word "need" can host it's own set of tricks. Over the years of running rivers, and preparing guests for what may come, has shown that not everything that gets packed in a duffle bag was actually needed, or used through the course of the trip. There's the trick. Don't be mad that you didn't need to use your rain gear, or the warm socks, or the headlamp - or bug spray. There's a balance to be struck in being prepared and over-preparing.

Gear & Accessories for River Rafting Trips

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