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Looking for the best whitewater kayaking trips in North America? Want to learn how to kayak so you can go on your own kayak trip? Look no further! Rafting America gives you the best of the kayaking world. You can find the best whitewater kayaking trips and kayaking schools across North America.

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Kayak and Canoe Clinics

Kayak and Canoe Clinics

The best way to get into whitewater kayaking is by taking kayak lessons. Kayak schools are offered by experienced kayakers at many of the white water rafting outfitters across the US and Canada.

Rafting America members have the top kayaking instructors, schools and trips in the world. These kayak schools have options for all ages and skill levels. From first-time kayakers to whitewater veterans, these schools will hone your whitewater kayaking skills so you can kayak with confidence!

Must-Do Kayak Trips

Kayak and Canoe Clinics

Kayak Trips in the U.S. and Canada

Find the top kayak trips in North America. From Canada to California, Alaska to Maine, Rafting America gives you the best kayaking locations for a great whitewater vacation.

Many of the kayak trips offered by Rafting America Outfitters accommodate various skill levels and experiences. Enjoy the scenery and practice your kayaking on beautiful rivers.

Kayaking Resources

Kayak and Canoe Clinics

Kayaking Gear, Resources and Links

Get the latest information on kayaking gear, stores, popular kayaking destinations, great website and more.

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