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Single Day Rafting Trips

Single-day rafting trips are offered on most rivers at most destinations across North and South America. Most single day rafting trips involve paddle boat rafting, although a few outfitters may also have oar boats and inflatable kayaks available as well.

Day trips can be full-day or partial-day rafting adventures. Often times river are split into “sections”, which constitute a geographical separation between different areas of the river. Outfitters use these different section sometimes as their distinguishing point of trip length.

So if you are looking for just s day trip, here is an entire list of river rafting day trip destinations!

Single Day Trips Single Day Trips

Multi-Day Rafting Excursions

Multi-Day rafting trips can range anywhere from 2 – 15 days long, camping on the river, spanning long distances and remote destinations.

Multi-day rafting trips use paddle boats, oar boats and or motorized boats (and any combination of these) depending on the destination and length of the trip. Usually these trips are all-inclusive with the trip, gear, food, camping and limited transportation all part of the packaged price.

Multi-day trips are a great way to see locations and special destinations that you could not otherwise see if you were not on the river. Multi-day trips usually book in advance and have limited space, so check these trips out and reserve your spot.

Multi-Day Rafting Trips Multi-Day Rafting Trips
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